‘True Greatness’ Defined
by April D. Jones | 3:25 am

‘True Greatness’

Like anything else, greatness is relevant. Different people, churches, and businesses define greatness in different ways, as is shown in the examples below. Ways People Tend To Define Greatness To different people, greatness can

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An Indication Of When You Reach A Level Of ‘True Greatness’
by April D. Jones | 3:15 am

When ‘True Greatness’ Occurs For You

If you have not read the article, “True Greatness”, I suggest you do so before you continue by clicking here. Now, after reading the article, “True Greatness”, you now have a foundational definition of

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The Greatness Of God Revealed
by April D. Jones | 4:30 pm

“The Greatness” Of God – Part 1

In the article, “True Greatness”, it was discovered that ‘true greatness’ is “the greatness” of God. With this being the case, then, the question that developed out of that discovery is, ‘What is “the

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The GREATNESS Of The Greatness Of God
by April D. Jones | 4:20 pm

“The Greatness” Of God – Part 2

In “The Greatness Of God – Part 1”, we left off by saying, ‘There is one more thing that must be pointed out about the things David used to describe “the greatness” of God’.

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How The Greatness Of God Applies To You
by April D. Jones | 2:00 pm

The 17 Supreme Qualities Of ‘True Greatness’

Since ‘true greatness’ is “the greatness” of God and since “the greatness” of God is ‘true greatness’, then, the same things that describe “the greatness” of God also describe ‘true greatness’. As a result,

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How The Right Systems Are The Key To Becoming Truly Great
by April D. Jones | 8:31 pm

How To Achieve ‘True Greatness’ – Part 1

How many people, churches, and businesses truly think deeply about achieving ‘true greatness’? After doing some research, I found that most of us do not ask questions about what it takes to become truly

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How The Right Systems Unlock 'True Greatness’
by April D. Jones | 8:20 pm

How To Achieve ‘True Greatness’ – Part 2

We All Knowingly Or Unknowingly Operate By Systems Whether we realize it or not, we operate by or follow some type of system. In fact, if the truth be told, our lives, our churches,

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The Ways In Which We Can Work Together To Help You Become Truly Great
by April D. Jones | 8:15 pm

Current Services – Part 1

Ultimately, we are to seek to image God’s greatness above any other greatness; and my services and writings will help you to do just that. My services and writings will help you to truly

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Groundbreaking Specials
by April D. Jones | 8:10 pm

Current Services – Part 2

Below, I have listed the different groundbreaking options that I am currently offering. In addition, I have listed the current specials that go along with those options. If you want the great opportunity to

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